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Digital or traditional?

Digital, traditional, or a mix of both? The answer depends on the specifics of your business.

Effective communication is the core of integrated marketing. Stepup Communications will tell your company story in the most engaging, targeted and effective way possible. Methodically following the best marketing practices while also using other content distribution methods, your message will quickly reach the targeted audience.

Marketing for any case 🙂

Analysis and Strategy

Incorporating a marketing strategy without doing thorough preliminary analysis is impossible. We will study your competitors, we’ll find their weaknesses and study the full potential of your product or service. Based on that, we will create complete marketing strategy allowing you to channel your marketing efforts and achieve realistic results.


The way we work is by implementing marketing tools that help us translate your concept into a meaningful marketing content. We create quality brand messages and strategy that results in new opportunities while making your business easily discovered and well advertised. 

Trade Shows

Trade shows preparation and management is a second nature to us. We have experience organizing company exhibits at tradeshows on five continents. From the initial call to the organizers, through the stand design and suppliers negotiations, Stepup Communication will take care of every detail so that you focus on what you know best – your business.

Email Marketing

In case your Business relies on email marketing to communicate regularly with your customers, we can create the great and memorable look which everyone remembers.

Email campaigns are great for a number of reasons:

• Email marketing is important because it lets you connect directly with your customers.
• You may target your audience very specifically.
• Creating a marketing campaign is quick and reasonably easy process.
• Your marketing campaigns are measurable – just by making a few clicks, you can find out how many emails were open, which links were clicked most, and etc.

Google Ads

The power of Google Ads is huge. Using it, makes your business or products popular in a short period of time. Google AdWords is a service that helps companies and organizations show their ads in various search engines, as well as on Google partnering websites.

Google Ads ads are based on the creation and use of keywords which are supposedly used by the potential customers. Creating one or more ads is easy and allows for location targeting, platform targeting or both.

Social Media

Today’s society is surrounded by countless data sources and social media adds up to that information flow. We are used to using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as a source of information and take actions, based on what we see there. This is exactly why some of our marketing efforts need to be directed to the people who use social media to stay informed. The options here are countless and allow us to only advertise to a certain group of people while having full control of what we spend.


One of the important ingredients of digital marketing is SEO. Using today’s optimization methods, we make sure each of your website or online store pages are correctly indexed and slowly help you reach leading positions based on specific keywords.


Good PR helps building the corporate image you want. You can rely on us to write what you want to say, in a professional way. In addition, we will help you deliver your message to the right media at the right time.

External Marketing Department

In case you can’t afford a fully functional marketing department to cover your needs or you simply don’t need a 9 to 5 specialist then the External Marketing Department service is perfect for you. We will do exactly what you need without the falling into the complications of a labor contract.
Our team is ready to analyze your company’s current marketing status and discuss your exact needs. Some of the fields of expertise we cover are: graphic design, content creation, email marketing, strategy development and etc.

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