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Stepup Communications is a boutique advertising agency that offers totally integrated marketing services. We exist to help our customers build a strong and recognizable brand while implementing memorable corporate identity, without breaking the bank. This is why we have developed a variety of subscription plans to cover your exact needs.

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Let us help your business be one step ahead of your competitors.


In order to be successful in today’s constantly changing market your strategic moves need to work in sync with your Business marketing strategy. Your moves need to be carefully planned, effective, measurable and complete.


Google SEO

Using today’s optimization methods, we make sure each of your website or online store pages are correctly indexed and slowly help you reach leading positions based on specific keywords.


Graphic design

No matter how great your strategy is or how unique your content is, it’s the breathtaking design that brings life to your concept. The fascinating graphics we create complete every marketing message you may have.


Social media

Today’s society is surrounded countless data sources and social media adds up to that information flow. We often use social media as a source of useful information and take actions, based on what we see there. This is exactly why some of our marketing efforts need to be directed to the people who use social media to stay informed.



Based on decade of marketing experience, we are able to work on various projects simultaneously. From website design and social media management, to graphic design and audio-visual products creation, we deliver the marketing solutions that work.

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We offer various subscription plans that cover your exact needs at a very reasonable price.


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