Effective communication is the core of integrated marketing. Stepup Communications will tell your company story in the most engaging, targeted and effective way possible. Methodically following the best marketing practices while also using other content distribution methods, your message will quickly reach the targeted audience.

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Stepup Communications creates your content, following specifically developed for your needs communication strategy. No matter if you want to increase the interest towards your brand, your business opportunities or your sales, Stepup Communications addresses your content to specific needs of a specific group of people.


Commercial texts

Selling could be a very challenging task unless you use the right words in the proper ways. We have experience creating texts for print, web, radio and other media.



Trade shows participation is inevitably related to generating high expenses. Careful planning and great execution is essential but may be insufficient if you don’t have a remarkable stand. From the first drawings to the final design, Stepup Communications will help in the creation of visually impressive and functional stand to attract the high number of visitors your company needs.



Good PR helps building the corporate image you want. We will help you deliver your message to the right media.


Email marketing

In case you Business relies on email marketing to communicate regularly with your customers, we can create the great and memorable look which everyone remembers.

Email campaigns are great for a number of reasons:

  • Email marketing is important because it lets you connect directly with your customers.
  • You may target your audience very specifically.
  • Creating a marketing campaign is quick and reasonably easy process.
  • Your marketing campaigns are measurable – just by making a few clicks, you can find out how many emails were open, which links were clicked most, and etc.